Melaleuca squamea - Swamp Honey Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: melaleuca squamea
Common name: swamp honey
Family: myrtaceae
Origin: australia and tasmania
Height: between 2 and 5 meters height
Luminosity: full sun, half shadow


Species resistant to cold and frost, coastal regions and dry.

Melaleuca squamea is commonly known as myrtle marsh honey, in wild status can reach up to 5 meters height, but when culture domestically does not exceed 3 meters height.

It is found naturally in humid places in tasmania, south australia and west victoria and in coastal situations in the center and north of nsw.

The flowers are normally lilacs, while a form of white flowering also occurs at high altitudes in tasmania.

The species may grow in most soil, therefore enjoy wet or heated soil.

Myrtle marsh honey general flows in spring – summer, specially cultivated as ornamental, which attracts various birds and butterflies.

The species has recently been awakening great interest in the art of bonsai.

Highly ornamentally.