Cupressus cashmeriana - Kashmir cypress, butan cypress, cupressus blue cascade Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: cupressus cashmeriana
Common name: kashmir cypress, butan cypress, cupressus blue cascade
Family: cupressaceae
Origin: northeast of India and Kingdom of Bhutan
Brightness: full sun, partial shading.
Height: between 20 and 45 meters in height and trunk up to 3 meters in diameter.


Cypress of kashmir is a conifer of medium to large, and beautiful foliage of habit strongly hanging with surprising blue-green coloration.

Young trees up to 5 years old maintain youthful foliage pattern and smaller leaf size. Fast growth.

The species is native to the Indian state arunachal pradesh, located in northeastern India and the kingdom of Bhutan in southern Asia; where they grow at altitudes that can range from 1,200 to 2,800 meters.

The Bhutan Cypress is officially the national tree of Bhutan, where it is often associated with monasteries and Buddhist religious temples for centuries.

The species is widely cultivated as an ornamental tree both within its native area and in various parts of the world.

Although its origin is of regions with temperate climate, kashmir cypress is reported to be resistant to drought, humidity and heat, can be cultivated in full sun or partial shading.

Species received the merit garden award by the royal horticultural society.

One of the most beautiful conifers; and what sets this cypress apart from many others is its charming bluish foliage languishing languidly from the branches all year round. Highly recommended and also very aromatic.

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