Ginkgo biloba - Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree, Sacred Tree, Live Fossil Seeds

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Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba
Common Name: Ginko, Sacred Tree, Live Fossil
Family: Ginkgoaceae
Southeast Native China
Height: 50 Meters


The fossil evidence indicates that 150 million years, great ginkgo forests cover part of north america and asia.

In august 1945, the atomic pump was launched on the japanese city of hiroshima, causing tens of thousands of death and destroying all the living trail in many kilometers at his turn. The only being alive that had resisted the huge catastrophe was a tree, called ginkgo biloba, and now we know why.

Between the effects of atomic explosion is a strong ionizing radiation, which produces an oxidation in live tissues.

Ginkgo biloba is a real fossil authentic, a tree that existed more than a hundred million years, when the terrestrial atmosphere was much more rich in oxygen, and developed defense systems against oxidation, that saved it from atomic explosion in hiroshima.

Specific extremely resistant to any and all adversity, easy maintenance; splendorous and beauty indescritively.

Various medical uses are scientifically provided and are selling in all countries around the world. New studies continue to be made and many other uses will come surprising soon.

Their grilled seeds are very appreciated as an aperitist in asia.

Very used for bonsai.

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