Pinus Ponderosa - Ponderosa Pine, Western Yellow Pine

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Botanical Nomenclature: Pinus Ponderosa
Common Name: Ponderosa Pine, Yellow Pine, Blackjaks Pine
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: West Of The United States
Height: 40 – 72 Meters
Luminosity: Full Sun
Climate: See Description


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Ponderosa pinus, vulgarly known as ponderosa pine or yellow pine is a very great pine species and variable habitat. This is an important tree of wood.

It grows in several errors of the british columbia to the south and east through 16 states of the west of the usa and has been successfully introduced in the temperated regions of europe.

Pinus ponderosa help helps you distinguish it from other species. Mature individuals have yellow orange-current cases on very long long plates with black scraps. The younger trees have marrow dark hats, known as blackjacks by the first woodworks.

The national registry of large trees listes a ponderoso pine with 72 meters of height and 820 centimeters of circumference. In january 2011, in the national forest rogue river-siskiyou, no oregon, michael taylor and mario vaden (professional arborists) measured with a laser a ponderoso pinheiro with the mark of 81.79 meters of height. That is the highest pinney already known after the lambertian pinus.

Ponderosa pinhe (ponderosa pinus) is the tree of the state of montana.

Like most of the west pines, pernaosa is usually associated with the mountainous topography. However, he is found in banks of the niobrara river, in nebraska.

It is one of the most widely distributed pines, with a reach of 20 degrees of latitude and low lands to 3,300 meters of altitude. The soil growth of many types of rocks, so much as basic acids, varying from about ph 5 to ph 9, and generally with capacity of retro moisture, but well drawn. Their high altitudinal range, as well as a geographic dispersion, cause great temperature variations, will not see as well as in winter, but to prosper and compete well, a lot of sunlight is required at the growing station. Extremely tolerant to dry.

The ponderosa pinheiro has been medicinally employed by various north american indigenous tribes, which specially value it for its anti-septical properties to treat a variety of skin problems, like cuts, wounds, burns, etc. Also was valorized by its beneficial effect on the respiratory system and very used to treat it various thoracic and pulmonary complaints; among different other reports and uses in that area. The branches are used in steam steam baths as a treatment for muscle pain.

Other uses: wood, cosmetic, dye, fuel, resin, herbicide.

Ponderosa pine is one of the most important timber trees in the usa. The wood of large and high quality sizes is used in civil construction, stairs, floors, coatings, furniture, closets, among others.

Pinus ponderosa can live for more than 600 years and, in favorable conditions, are of quick growth.

This species occurs within various protected areas, but the greatest majority of the trees is on public and private lands where the forests are explored.

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