Metrosideros excelsa - Metrosidero, fire tree, pohutokawa (in maori), new zealand christmas tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: metrosideros excelsa
Common name: metrosidero, fire tree, pohutokawa (in maori), new zealand christmas tree.
Family: myrtaceae
New Zealand
Height: 20 – 25 meters high
Brightness: Full Sun
Climate: tolerant to temperatures up to – 4ºc


The species is edematic from New Zealand, where it grows in coastal forests. Its natural area is the coastal regions of the northern island in new zealand and the lakeshore in the area of ??rotorua (tourist city new zealand); however, it was introduced for ornamental purposes in several other countries.

Pohutukawa usually grows like a multi-trunk tree and its branches are sometimes adorned with the tangle of aerial fibrous roots.

In New Zealand the tree blooms from November to January with a flowering peak from mid to late December, and is therefore best known in that region as a Christmas tree, and in other countries it is also known as a Christmas tree. from New Zealand.

Very resistant to salinity and wind, it is also used as a windbreak and protection for other species. Its wood is hard, dense and very strong.

An explosion of bright red flowers gives it the common name, tree of fire.

A very vigorous and easy-to-grow species, it has quickly been introduced to other countries, including south-eastern Australia, where it is already naturalized in coastal regions near sidney. The Spanish city of la coruna has adopted the species as a floral emblem.

Recognized in the distance for its brilliant color, its ability to survive and its beauty, metrosideros excelsa is a simply indescribable example.

Species very rich in nectar and considered an invaluable melifera.

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