Strophanthus boivinii - Twisted wood flower, twisted wood flower, flower wood shredder, corkscrew flower Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Strophanthus boivinii
Common name: twisted wood flower, twisted wood flower, flower wood shredder, corkscrew flower, wood shaving tree
Family: apocynaceae
Origin: madagascar
Height: 2,50 – 8,00 meters
Luminosity: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description


Strophanthus boivinii is a compact bush, which can be trained like a small tree.

Very rare species in culture with flowers in copper tones with retorcided petals as sculpted in wooden sides, extremely unusual and original, looking almost artificial.

The leaf has leather texture in dark green tone with clear veins.

Strophanthus boivinii is tolerant to dry, can be cultivated to the full sun, as in partial shading or shadow.

Its habitat of origin are caudicifolias forests and dry matas, from the level of the sea up to 900 meters of altitude.

Strophanthus gender has healthy medicinal properties, and in recent studies the plant extract obtained from the plant presented antiproliferative activity in the ovarian cancer cell line.

Strophanthus boivinii leaves are used locally in gonorrhea treatments.

The species are beautiful and naturalize satisfacturedly to the shadow of trees of greater porte, appreciates the sun filtered or full sun and, present years after years with amazing flowers (flower of two to three times in the year).

A magnified exemplary, with unique characteristics and extraordinary ornamental impact.

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