Ficus habrophylla - Red Fig, Gof Fig, New Caledonia Fig Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Ficus habrophylla
Common name: Red Fig, Gof Fig, New Caledonia Fig
Family: moraceae
Origin: new caledonia
Height: 6 – 12 meters
Luminosity: full sun, partial shadow


Ficus habrophylla is a specimen of very rare Fig in cultivation and we have further information about the species.

This native figure of new caledonia is tasted in natura and also in the preparation of cakes by people kanak (are indigenous inhabitants of the new caledonia melanesia, an overseas collectivity of france in the southwestern pacific).

Branched tree that generally reaches up to 12 meters of height and morphologically very variable.

The fruits are great and red, sweet and very tasty in natura.

The very large leaves of this tree are viewing dark green, becoming an absolutely single example within the species.

The flowers are mainly pollinated by sticks and, eventually by bees.

There are more than 750 varieties of figueira and no other plan has influenced the imagination in transcorring the history.

The fig is revercended by various people and ethnics. They are presented still in stories, folklore and rerks of fertility.

Extremely decorative tree, a magnificent exemplary, a true monument of replies of stories.

The species are also appreciated in the bonsai art.

Seeds for that species are sazonal and rarely available.

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