Delonix decaryi - Poinciana adansonioides, flamboyant baobab, flamboyant bottle

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Botanical nomenclature: Delonix decaryi
Common name: poinciana adansonioides, flamboyant baobab, flamboyant bottle, adansonoides delonix
Family: fabaceae
From: madagascar
Height: 3 – 10 meters
Brightness: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description below


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Tree flamboyant bottle, more commonly known in its region of origin as delonix adansonoides, is an exemplar of unique beauty and extremely ornamental.

Its bottle-shaped trunk up to 80 centimeters in diameter and fragrant and showy flowers also qualify it for bonsai art.

In their original habitat, the trunks are sometimes excavated to make canoes, the seeds are recorded as edible, and the resin is used as glue to seal the canoes.

The species is native to southern Madagascar. It is found in a narrow strip along the northern coast from toliara to tolagnaro amid xerophytic vegetation (vegetation adapted to aridity).

Delonix decaryi is listed as vulnerable in the iucn list, it does not qualify for a threatened category based on geographical distribution, but its habitat is fragmented and degraded. The main threats are large-scale logging and charcoal production, selective logging, increased cultivation, and cattle grazing are also leading to further degradation of their habitat.

The species grows satisfactorily in soils that promote good or excellent drainage, full sun and periodic irrigations in its first year in cultivation. It is tolerant to partial shading. It is not tolerant to frost and temperatures below 2º c for long period of time.

Delonix decaryi is a magnificent specimen and still very rare in cultivation.

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