Acer palmatum - Atropurpureum, Bloodgood, Maple leaf lace, maple cascade Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Acer palmatum
Cultivar: atropurpureum
Common Name: Bloodgood, Maple leaf lace, maple cascade
Family: Aceraceae
Origin: japan
Height: Between 2.00 and 3.00 meters high


Climate: In warm climates it should be planted in half shade and in cold climates they may have more intense sun exposure.

Extremely ornamental small tree, an anchor in Japanese gardens, a rare jewel in the art of bonsai, one of the most beautiful small trees for garden composition.

Magnificent example of foliage deeply cut in bowing and weeping or cascading.

Excellent garden plant, especially beautiful when growing by rivers, lakes or water mirrors.

Small flowers are red.

Its remarkable features are greatly appreciated for bonsai art.

A living sculpture, a real show with a huge range of colors throughout the year.

Prefers moist soil with good drainage, sun exposure during part of the day, morning sun or late afternoon.

Shades of coppery orange, very intense red and finally deep purple; make this fascinating species a true focal point wherever it is planted.

The species can also be grown in pots adorning balconies and places with good clarity.

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