Magnolia kobus var. borealis - Baleal Magnolia, champa, Japanese magnolia, kobushi magnolia, magnolia borealis Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Magnolia kobus var. borealis
Common name: baleal magnolia, champa, Japanese magnolia, kobushi magnolia, magnolia borealis
Family: Magnoliaceae
Height: 6,50 – 30,00 meters
Brightness: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description


Aromatic and edible flowers

It can be cultivated in full sun or in partial shade, but it needs well defined seasons so that we can enjoy all its exuberance.

Magnolia kobus, also known as magnolia kobushi or boreal magnolia, is a species of magnolia native to Japan, with a low growth rate, but can reach up to 30 meters in height in its native habitat, but usually in domestic cultivation does not exceed 6 – 10 meters high.

Magnolia borealis blooms in early spring having white flowers with pale pink notes and are pleasantly scented.

The species is very widespread in the art of bonsai in that region and much appreciated in ornamental cultivation world-wide.

Magnolia kobushi prefers its cultivation from full sun to partial shading, soil rich in organic matter, well drained and tolerant to acid soils. It is not tolerant of soaked soils for long period of time.

The flowers placed in water are used for flavoring environments.

The tree is extensively scattered in many parts of the world, a beautiful addition to any garden, both for the aroma of its flowers and for its beauty and ornamental size.