Afzelia quanzensis - Chanfuta, lone tree, lone mogno, hunting amulet Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Afzelia quanzensis
Common name: chanfuta, lone tree, lone mogno, hunting amulet
Family: fabaceae
Origin: africa
Height: 35 meters of height and up to 1 meter in diameter
Luminosity: full sun


Protected species in south africa.

The name afzelia is in homage and honor adam afzelius, uppsala, who lived in somalia. The name of the species; “quanzensis”, is in reference to the river cuanza in angola, where the tree was found for the first time.
The coloring and graphure of the wood, brown-branch, mogno, provided by that species is extremely valued for construction, floors and manufacture of first-line furniture. Resistant to drills, outdoor supply and cupins, can be used for posts, fences, and etc. In south africa are very used for pain.

Their seeds (beautiful, by sign) have found huge demand and are explored for jewelry making around the world.

Its roots provide a remedy for schistosomosis and for eye problems.

Your flowers are docomentally flowered and attract diverse birds.

Their seeds germinate with ease (generally with a period of 10 to 25 days), a rate of up to 90%, in substrate of good quality, suitable humidity and heat.

The species are extremely dry resistant, and lower growth in cold areas and that occurred.

Preferred their cultivation in soils deep, sandy and that promote excellent drainage.

The seeds may be stored for up to 10 years, when in fresh and dry location and average temperature of 3º c.

Ecology: afzelia quanzensis occurs in a wide variety of habitats, in dry forest, open forest and scrub, up to 1800 m altitude. It prefers deep, sandy soils, and is also found in termite mounds. Does not tolerate waterlogging. It is frequently associated with brachystegia and pterocarpus spp. Older trees are very resistant to drought. Afzelia quanzensis is susceptible to fire, as this hinders natural regeneration.

Popular beliefs around the species:

– luck for hunters who bat with the infusion during the night of the shell and their roots.

**** utilizations:

– very resistant to the attack of drills and cupins and alagados terrenos.
– brown brown alburno, and dark cerne, brown-brown with more clear stains.
– hard wood, resistant and easy to work.

– construction, doors, shutters, outdoor marcenary in general, furniture, wagons, dorments, musical instruments and boat construction.