Dendrocalamus strictus - Giant Calcutta Bamboo, Male Bamboo, Iron Bamboo

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Botanical name: Dendrocalamus strictus
Common name: Giant Calcutta Bamboo, Male Bamboo, Iron Bamboo
Family: Poaceae
Origin: India
Height: 18 Meters
Diameter: Between 14 And 16 Centimeters.
Very Tolerant To Dry And Frost


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This is the only wood of bamboo which, once cured, can be preached without cracking.

Dendrocalamus strictus is widely adaptive at temperatures as low as (-5 degrees), and as high as (45 deg c), grows in practice all soil types, since there is good drainage. It does not grow in alaged areas or heavy soles, such as totally argilous.

It is resistant to frost and dry.

This specimen is found principally in dry forests, surfaces and aluvial plants and is demanding on soils that provide good drainage.

The specialists agree that iron bamboo is the premier in the world of bambus for fabrication of furniture, because outside of occasional walls, it does not divide to be fixed with screws and nails, rarely develops cracks on their external surface, making it preferred for structures in buildings and furniture.

The solid bamboo iron can be cut in rectangular or square forms to form wood with or without lamination.

Bambu ferro is a giant graminea flowering and producing seeds at about every 45 years.

Dendrocalamus strictus shapes touches, it’s a simpodial bamboo and does not run underground, it’s not invasive.
It is widely used as raw material in paper factories, for construction and furniture.

Young brothers are used for food.

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