Dalbergia latifolia - Black rosewood , Blackwood, Bombay Black wood tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Dalbergia latifolia
Common name: jacarandá from india, bombaim blackwood, black-rosewood, madagascar ebony
Family: fabaceae
Origin: east india tropical forests
Height: 40 meters
Luminosity: full sun, half shadow


The species also grows and develops well in dry regions.

Jacarandá is the name in portuguese designed to the woods of genero dalbergia.

India’s jakaranda tree produces surface, heavy, durable and resistant to fast and insect surface wood. It is cultivated as wood planting in india and java, many times in forms of individual species for production of highly desirable, long and straight wood streets.

Your wood is extensely used for manufacturing premium interior and outdoor furniture and high standard cabinets to meet the luxury market.

The species is also exploited in the music market for the manufacture of guitars and games such as chess pieces and chessboards, billiards tables and others.

The species is tolerant of a wide range of soil, but grows best in moist, deep and well-drained soil. Survives at maximum temperatures (37ºc – 50ºc), minimum temperatures of (0ºc – 15ºc).

Dalbergia latifolia is a popular agroforestry species in indonesia, and was introduced in burmania, siri lanka, nepal, nigeria and kenya.

May be concorned with corn, beans, dried rice and cassava for the first three years. In other systems, d.latifolia is plant with sleeve, annona, jaca and guiaba. When the trees of the trees begin closing, it can shadow tolerant crops, as currum and ginger.

Farmers use nitrogen rich leaf as green fertilizer and forage. Bark tanins are used to produce medicinal products. These tanins are also used for producing an appliance.

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