Schima superba - Schima, needlewood Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Schima superba
Common Name: schima, needlewood
Family: theaceae
Origin: china, south and south east asia
Height: between 12 – 40 meters high
Brightness: full sun, half shadow, shadow
Climate: see description


Schima is an attractive genus of perennial trees from warm sub-tropical and temperate regions of Asia. They occur from Nepal, from India to the east of Taiwan in elevations that can range from 200 – 2500 meters. Most become quite high, being able to reach more than 40 meters. They have showy and fragrant white flowers with the center full of yellow stamens.

Schima superba is resistant to frosts and hot summers, is a beautiful specimen with several ornamental attributes and has been widely explored as such in gardens in Europe and the United States.

The species is extensively cultivated in its native area by the wood of excellent quality and as a pioneer tree for erosion control and reforestation.

The white flowers of this tree, still little known, are deliciously perfumed and extend for a long period of the year, usually when many others fall asleep. It pro

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