Dendrocalamus membranaceus - Giant Bamboo Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: dendrocalamus membranaceus
Family: poaceae
Origin: thailand
Climate: tropical and subtropical
Height: 22-28 meters height and 15 cm diameter
Resistant and tolerant dry and negative temperature of -4ºc


Bamboo species of the genre dendrocalamusa are formers of great touches.

Beautiful species for landscape use, right habit, ramified and dense leaf, very ornamentally.

A giant of small and edible leaves.

Wind protection and great fence.

This is one of the most common species that occur in china and taiwan. It occurs in wet forest and low land. Also toleres arid and sterile conditions.

One of the most attractive bamboo brands, used in the manufacturing of vessels, furniture and construction, its are good close to each other.

All bambus species follow tutorial for germination, culture and treatment for its multiple use.

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