Acer tataricum ginnala - Amur maple, Amur Flame Acer

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Botanical nomenclature: Acer tataricum ginnala
Common name: Amur maple
Origin: china, manchuria and japan
Family: Aceraceae
Height: 4 to 6 meters high


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Drought and salinity tolerant

A species of intense and bright color, its green leaves pass from yellow to intense orange, red and can often be tinted with pink.

Tolerant to drought when planted in the shade, but develops better and faster when cultivated in soils with a higher content of organic matter, moist and well drained.

Widely used as an ornamental species in gardens or pots and because it is small it is usually planted on sidewalks for landscape purposes; very fragrant flowers.

Amur maple is one of the most tolerant edges to cold and adverse conditions in general; adaptable to different types of soil, from sandy to clayey and withstands long periods of drought.

Species easy to transplant, free of pests, flowering creamy aromatic, rustic and easy to grow.

Widely used in the art of bonsai.

– dry leaves are used as dyes (black, blue and brown)
– the leaves contain quercetin (dye)
– leaves are used to pack apples and assist in their conservation.
– young leaves are used as a substitute for tea and contain a compound called quercetin.