Swietenia macrophylla - Big Leaf Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Swietenia macrophylla
Common name: Big Leaf Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany
Family: Meliaceae
Origin: Southern Mexico to Bolivia


A large, dry deciduous tree, once common in tropical forests from southern Mexico to Bolivia. It is a fast growing species that can reach an enormous 50 to 70 m in height with a massive, straight, lightly buttressed trunk that holds a rounded, umbrella-shaped crown with large leaves, yellowish green flowers and reddish brown fruits. It is threatened today due to the overexploitation of its beautiful and very durable, reddish-brown wood: the genuine and highest quality mahogany. It is a very important timber-tree and widely grown throughout the tropics today, in USDA zone 11 and above. It is also an attractive ornamental for parks and large gardens but ironically has quite some invasive potential.

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