Viola Odorata - Sweet Violet, The Czar

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Botanical nomenclature: viola odorata the czar
Common name: violet the tsar, violet sweet, violet
Family: violaceae
Origin: europe
Height: 10 – 20 cm
Brightness: partial shading, shadow
Climate: see description below
Color of the flower: purple, purple


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The viola odorata, in addition to its ornamental beauty, presents us with several other attributes, such as African violet (saintpaulia ionantha) and are very similar, their differences are fundamental.

The sweet violet (viola odorata) appears in various forms of literature, art and medicine over time.

National flower of athens, greece; ancient Persians used it to give special flavor to their ice-cream, and the Romans made tasty sweet wine of violets.

In the eighteenth century, viola odorata was used as a treatment for skin cancer and has recently been used for the same purpose. It is believed that its leaves relieve the pain of cancerous tumors, especially in the throat.

The flowers are edible, added in salads and decorate pies and other desserts.

The whole plant is used medicinally.

Currently, its main use is as a coloring agent and for the manufacture of perfumes.

Its natural habitat is the woods and the shaded and humid areas. Easy to grow in pots, bouncers that provide shading in the hottest hours of the day, or even indoors.

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