Lavandula dentata var. dentata 'Royal Crown' - Lavender, french lavender, royal crown toothpaste

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Botanical nomenclature: Lavandula dentata var. dentata ‘Royal Crown’
Common name: lavender, french lavender, royal crown toothpaste
Family: lamiaceae
Origin: mediterranean
Height: 70 – 80 cm
Luminosity: full sun
Climate: see description


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Lavandula dentata variety royal crown received the rhs – agm award (prize for reliability and gardening merit).

Herbaceous perene, native of the mediterranean, extremely aromatic and commonly cultivated around the world as an ornamental plant.

The leaves are linear or launched in green-silver coloring and with the toothed edges, deep sculpted, light wood texture. The flowers are purple covered by bracelets in violet and blue tones.

Strongly aromatic busy, enough resistant to dry and one of the most tolerant to heat, tolerate acid ground, but its cultivation is favored in alkaline soils – neutral and that promote good drainage; do not support ground grounding.

His flowers act as a natural flavoring of environments, form beautiful masses in gardens, develop well in the plants of vase and garden and provide an infinity of landscape, medicinal, industrial and culinary uses.

Cosmetically, it seems to serve as a cell regenerator, excellent in healing. And stretch marks, and supposedly slows wrinkles. Used in burns, sunburns, wounds, skin lesions and skin infections.

Rustic, appreciate your plant in the sun and flower practically the whole year

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