Passiflora Maliformis - Passion Fruit Apple, Passionflower Maracuja, Sweet Cave Seeds


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Botanical Nomenclature: Passiflora Maliformis
Common Name: Passion Fruit Apple, Passionflower Maracuja, Sweet Cave
Family: Passifloraceae
Origin: Cuba, Porto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia And Ecuador.


Climbing form up to 10 meters that hold through gavinhas

It is cultivated in jamaica and ecuador by its fruits and also in havai as an ornamental plant.

This species is known for their resistance to the plagues and diseases that commonly affect their relatives.

Also used for genetic improvement of other species.

Its fruit has strengthy peel of clear yellow coloring, and its powder is very very sweet, appreciated in nature or to make juices.

Very freshly and their fruits are also used for the preparation of delicious sweets, like mousse, cake, pudins and cakes.

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