Crataegus ssp. Mix - Hawthorn, Quickthorn, Thornapple, May-Tree, Whitethorn, Hawberry Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Crataegus ssp. Mix
Common Name: Hawthorn, Quickthorn, Thornapple, May-Tree, Whitethorn, Hawberry
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Mediterranean Region, Including North Africa, Europe And Central Asia
Height: 6 – 12 Meters
Brightness: Sun, Half Shadow And Shadow


A mix of crataegus species grown in armenia for their fruits. Plants will grow into deciduous shrubs or small trees, profusely flowering with white flowers in spring, followed by red, maroon or black fruits. These crataegus are very hardy and best suited to temperate climates.

Historically, the species was used as well as food, as in herbal medicine, although your reputation is today as a circulatory tonn.

All the plant is used: roots, flowers, fruits, leaves and bole.

The species are also used as close living, enough resistant to strong winds.

The plant is many times used as a fresh door for different fruits, the wood is very hard and tough, but difficult to work and rarely great the sufficient to be of great value, where it is generally used for tool cables and small objects, but very valorized as coal, producing a small smoke and very heat, more than the wood of oak.

Its fruits are used in the preparation of delicious jellies and compotes, and their flowers and young leaves are also consumed in salads and other dishes.

The fruits for this variety of crataegus are biggest, sweeter, aromatic and more tasty, are generally tasted in natural.