Allium cepa Rouge foncee de Hollande - Onion Red Burgundy

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Botanical nomenclature: allium cepa rouge foncee de hollande organic certification
Common name: red onion, red onion brunswick wine, dark red onion from holland, brunswick onion
Family: alliaceae
Origin: netherlands


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Height: 30 – 50 cm
Brightness: full sun
Cycle to harvest: 90 – 100 days

Brunswick red onion is a biennial vegetable and herbaceous condiment, a variety for summer and late summer harvest, rustic conservation. Cultivated by its large red bulbs, its firm and thick meat is eaten raw, fried or cooked in various dishes of gourmet cuisine throughout Europe.

This variety is one of the sweetest and has an excellent full-bodied flavor. The bulbs are rounded, from medium to large in very dark red color. It is very attractive when used to decorate, as it produces distinct crimson rings against the cut white pulp, soft enough for fresh consumption, maintaining the sweet flavor when fried or even cooked.

When the leaves are dry, remove the onions and let them dry for about 7 to 10 days before cutting the dry foliage for good storage.

This variety stores very well in a dry and cool place.

Species recommended by rhs (royal horticultural society), to be an excellent source of nectar for bees if allowed to bloom.

Very productive and an excellent choice for differentiated markets.

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