Adansonia digitata - African baobab

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Botanical nomenclature: Adansonia digitata
Common name: African baobab
Family: malvaceae
Country: Africa
Height: 20 meters high and 11 meters in diameter


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The African baobab tree is one of the strangest in the plant kingdom (wonder of the world).

The same is for water during periods of drought.

Baobab is a deciduous tree, losing its leaves in the dry season. At the end of the dry season, the baobab blossoms with large white flowers that hang in a long, fresh wave to the unique spectacle in the evening, where they are pollinated by bats that feed on their nectar.

Mirror very drought tolerant, not needing water during the winter.

Despite its adaptation to dry climates, successful practice with much success in rainy climates provided it has a well drained soil and the possibility of a space to grow.

A real living sculpture, a splendor of nature.

As the seeds follow with their hand encounter.

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