Corylus Avellana - Hazelnut

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Botanical nomenclature: Corylus Avellana
Common name: hazelnut
Family: Betulaceae
Height: 3-4 meters
Brightness: full sun
Origin: giresum (black sea, turkey)


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Giresum hazelnuts from the Black Sea area of ??Turkey are of the highest quality, the most delicious in the world; 75% of the hazelnuts consumed in the world come from this area.

Giresum is a Turkish province on the coast of the Black Sea, the world capital of hazelnut.

Its avellana botanical nomenclature derives from the city avella, in italy, where the species was described as nux avellana silvestris (wild hazel).

The flowers are produced in winter and are monoecious, with both sexes present on the same plant and are pollinated by the wind. Male flowers are pale yellow 5 to 12 cm long, while female flowers are very small and bright red in color, these are largely hidden by flower buds (styles are visible 1 to 3 mm in length).

The plant is quite resistant to the cold, however, due to the fact that flowering occurs in winter, regions where the temperature is below (-8ºC) should be avoided, which is not common in Brazil.

Common hazel is grown for its nuts in commercial orchards in Europe, Turkey, Iran and in different parts of the world.

Hazelnut trees are demanding on neutral, slightly acidic soil, which promotes good drainage and grow between 3 and 4 meters in height and width.

They are tolerant to the cold and need protection from the wind, as well as some seasonal pruning.

Once established, it will produce a lot and constantly, year after year.

The Turkish giresum variety is a best seller in hazelnuts, grown in orchards in Turkey without pesticides and with the highest quality.

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