Pachypodium Rutenbergianum - Madagascar palm tree

Botanical nomenclature: pachypodium rutenbergianum
Common name: madagascar palm tree
Family: apocynaceae
From: madagascar
Tropical weather
Soil: demanding on soils that promote excellent drainage
Brightness: full sun


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Species generally found in stony soils and in full sun, where they are associated with other representatives of the flora of dry areas.

The species tolerates below-zero temperatures during winter when in protected cultivation and are naturally well adapted to hot and dry environments.

Succulent stems store water and allow it to survive in adverse conditions, thus supporting intense heat and long periods of drought.

The species can reach 3 to 12 meters in height, one of the species in the genus that reaches bigger and faster growth. Much used as a natural bonsai.

Its foliage is intense green and very bright, very showy flowers, white and lightly scented.

It can be cultivated in pots and are beautiful decorating rooms, balconies or well-lit environments.

They germinate easily, easy to grow as long as they meet their basic needs: soil that promotes excellent drainage and keeps them dry during the winter.

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