Bauhinia vahlii - Malu Creeper, Adda Leaf, Pahur Camels Foot Creeper

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Botanical nomenclature: Bauhinia vahlii
Common name: Snowy Orchid Tree
Family: Fabaceae


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Malu creeper or Bauhinia vahlii is a fast-growing climbing shrub up to 30 m long and 20 cm in diameter. It can grow into tops of the trees. The seeds are tonic and aphrodisiac and the leaves are demulcent and mucilaginous. The seeds can be eaten raw or fried and cooked as a pulse. The inner bark is a source of fibre used in making ropes. The stems are used for basketry, matting, and wickerwork. The leaves are used as a thatch. Other Names:Adda, Bhorla, Chambul, Jallur, Mahulan, Maljhan, Malu, Moharain, Namarain, Sihar.

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