Brahea armata - Mexican blue palm tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: brahea armata
Common name: mexican blue palm tree
Family: arecaceae
Origin: low california
Height: 10-15 meters


It is tolerant to dry, they may be cultivated in the middle shadow or full sun and is resistant to temperatures of up to -10º c.
Magnifying species of palm tree majesty queen in the desert regions of california.

Its robust trunk and with a cup many times with more than 60 leaves in several blue nuances, brahea armata is a king for all gardens.

Extremely explored landscapetically, ornament balconies making Beautiful vase.

Expand easily, dispensing finicky or special care, being only demanding on soils well drawn.
Palm tree of lonely habit and with a coverage of near 60 leaves, long inflorescences and extending behind their leaves.

One of the most beautiful flowered for palm trees, really a true show

High germinate tax.