Passiflora mollissima / Passiflora tarminiana - Banana Passion Fruit, Banana Poka

Botanical Nomenclature: Passiflora mollissima / Passiflora tarminiana
Common Name: Banana Passion Fruit, Banana Poka
Family: Passiflora
Order: Malpighiales
Sun Exposure: Full sun from early age; Light shade when young; Light shade in dry, hot climates; Light shade in all climates
Frost Tolerance: Light
Water Requirements: High
Wind Tolerance: Low


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Original valley of venezuela, east of colombia to bolivia and peru at altitudes above 3000m

A distinct and very admired member of the great family passiflora.

Banana passion fruit is commonly found in vales andinos of venezuela, east of colombia to bolivia and peru at altitudes above 3000m

Vigorous trepadeira that can achieve between 6 – 7 meters, very aromatic, of orange and sweet powder. They are cultivated in california, hawaii and the state of madras in india

Supports temperatures of up to -2ºc, and adapted very well in altitudes between 1200 – 2000 m.

In california is cultivated as ornamental.

In denso spacing, with good control of weeds and adequate fertilization the annual harvest can reach 200 – 300 fruits per vine, or be 200,000 to 300,000 fruits per ha.

Practice of powing has been shown to be enough effective, improving the air current, reducing diseases, facilitating the capine, irrigation, spraying and harvesting.

Banana Passion Fruit is a great producer, has quick growth and its fruits are delicious, along with long shelf life

The fruit is consumed in-natura, or in the form of juices, icecream, cocktails and candies.

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