Carica weberbaueri / Vasconcellea weberbaueri - Maushán, Papaya Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Carica weberbaueri / Vasconcellea weberbaueri
Common Name: Maushán, Papaya
Family: Caricaceae
Origin: Andes, south of the equator and north of Peru
Height: 6 – 10 meters
Brightness: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description below


Rare variety of papaya, edible and delicious fruits; resistant to fusarium fungi and meloidogyne nematode.

Semi-lignose species, branched, up to 10 meters high, propagated by seeds; clapping, lobed leaves; yellow-green flowers; dioecious plants; piriform fruits, orange at maturity.

Origin and distribution: the southern Andes of the equator and northern Peru (Peruvian amazon, cajamarca, la libertad), extremely rare in domestic cultivation.

Aromatic, refreshing, sweet and very tasty fruits are usually consumed in natura, dried or used in the preparation of sweets. Fruits are also used in the preparation of a liquor much appreciated in that region.

Vasconcella weberbaueri is particularly suitable for growing in temperate, drought tolerant regions and cooler regions.

Vasconcella species can be found in wilderness areas in a wide ecological range; however, its center of diversity is located in the Andean plateau of Colombia to the turkey with a hot spot in the south of the equator and in the north of Peru.

Very interesting link on the species of vasconcella and carica:

Vassconcella weberbaueri is extremely rare in cultivation and a fruit with great potential to be exploited.