Ugni Molinae - Chilean Cranberry, Goiaba Chilena

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Botanical Nomenclature: Ugni molinae
Common name: chilean cranberry, goiaba chilena
Family: myrtaceae
Origin: chile


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It was introduced in england in 1844 by botanical and collector william lobb, where becoming the favorite fruit of queen victoria.

It is used to make the traditional liquor murtado, for production of aromatizanas strawberries, sweets and desserts, beyond being fresh taste. Your taste intensely remembers the strawberries.

Very ornamental, it is explored in gardens as a coringe for large landscape local. Sea porter generally does not exceed the 2m of height, and can be easily cultivated in vases or in little gardens.

Resistant to frost and dry after established; and very easy to be cultivated, the shadow or direct sun can be planted.

Your flowering is a gift, beyond very aromatic.

Although the species are relatively unknown, they are making much commercial bonuses in their cultivation, counting with promissor return in the near future.

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