Corymbia Eximia Nana - Yellow Bloodwood, Eucalipto Gold Gum, Dwarf Golden Gum, Dwarf

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Nomenclature Botanic: Corymbia Eximia Nana
Common Name: Eucalipto Goma Dourada, Dwarf Golden Gum, Dwarf
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Australia
Height: 8 Meters
Luminosity: Full Sun, Partial Shading
Climate: See Description


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Corymbia eximia nana is extremely dry resistant

A small tree, a lower form, the any version of corymbia eximia with a great and beautiful display of flowers.

An extremely adaptable specimen to various landscape uses, mainly where space is most restricted.

Due to its ornamental characteristics and for being tolerant to most of the soils, it is explored as a kingdom landscape in small gardens world out.

Corymbia eximia nana (yellow bloodwood) presents solid terminal flowering (above the foliage) yellow gold. This species is found in new south wales (central nsw) close to sidney.

The species are known for their success in cultivation on very poor soils, in the hillside and extractly sandy soils. Extremely resistant to extended drought.

A beautiful, aromatic example and very easy to grow.

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