Ensete lecongkietii - Orphan Banana Seeds

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Scientific name: Ensete lecongkietii
Common name: Orphan Banana
Family: Musaceae


This Ensete species was originally known from the Chiangmai area in the northwest of Thailand and locally called ‘Kluay Pa’. It has also been brought into cultivation here and has long been confused with Ensete superbum, a very different species native to India. ‘Kluay Pa’ grows on steep limestone cliffs with seasonally dry forest vegetation. It is a very compact plant, with short, broad, glaucous leaf bases that form a thick, roundish trunk. The very short leafstalks hold compact, leathery leaves that are glaucous below and pale green above. The leaf midribs are reddish below and yellowish above. The striking inflorescence has large maroon bracts and eventually carries a bunch of squat fruits with small, shiny, black, Musella-like seeds. Ensete lecongkietii was scientifically described as a new species from Vietnam in 2012. The similarities between it and Kluay Pa are striking and we are certain the two belong to the same species. The Kluay Pa Banana will adapt well to both warm temperate and tropical climates. It prefers a spot in full sun, abundant water and good drainage.

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