Lepidium Meyenii - Maca, Peruvian maca, andes ginseng, incas travel

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Botanical nomenclature: lepidium meyenii
Common name: peruvian maca, andes ginseng, incas travel
Family: brassicaceae
Origin: andean region of peru and bolivia to argentina
Luminosity: full sun
Climate: see description


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The species most commonly known as maca is cultivated as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb.
Your ethnomedical properties are connected to fertility and vitality.

The habit of growth, size and maca proportions are approximally similar to the rabanette and rut, to which it is related. Seeds, which are the only reproduction means of the plant, generally generate within 10 to 15 days, provided that the ideal conditions are provided; the same have no sleep. Harvest is made between 8 and 10 months of the seed the plant’s maturity.

For about 2,000 years, the species is traditionally consumed in food and used in local medicine as an aphrodisiac, promotes strength and physical resistance.

The species was used as an exchange currency and as a form of payment in antiquity. It is often quoted that it was served with reference to the incan warriors before the imperial battle; and his legendary force would have been transmitted due to that fact; after the city was conquered, women should protect the attack of these incas warriors, which due to the consumption of maca, his virility was not contained. Truth or not, without doubt any marketing present recently.

The species are consumpted and prepared in various forms, simply cooked and massed, mixed in the preparation of a porridge, dried roots and crushed as flouring, extracts concentrated for the supplement industry and other.

Recently, in 2010, a us brewery, called the andean brewing company, became the first company to produce and sell beer from maca under the beer kuka brand.

Some clinical trials made in men have demonstrated that maca extracts may increase libido and improve sperm quality, and other continue in progress, but confirmed better production of spermatozoids, dimension and diminuation.

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