Chukrasia tabularis - White cedar, Indian mahogany, Indian sequoia, Burmese almond, bastard cedar

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Botanical nomenclature: chukrasia tabularis
Common name: white cedar, Indian mahogany, Indian sequoia, Burmese almond, bastard cedar
Family: meliaceae
Origin: india, siri lanka, china and vietnam
Height: 30 – 40 meters
Brightness: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description


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Chukrasia tabularis is a tree that in its natural habitat can reach more than 40 meters in height with a diameter of up to 110 – 175 cm. Its native and occurring area ranges from bangladesh, cambodia, india, laos, malaysia, myanmar, siri lanka, thailand, shrimps, costa rica, nigeria, puerto rico, south africa and united states of america.

A tree full of attributes and rapid growth.

Its wood is highly valued for interior joinery, manufacturing of high standard cabinets, decorative panels, doors, windows, sculptures, toys, floors and faucets. It is also used for railway sleepers, shipbuilding, musical instruments and cellulose, among others. The wood is quite resistant to moisture.

The flowers contain a red and yellow dye. Young leaves and bark contain 22% and 15% of tannin, respectively.

Chukrasia tabularis is a monoic species, the flowers are unisexual. Flowering usually occurs from the sixth year in cultivation.

The species generally occurs on well-drained soils in the plains and hills. It is found regularly in lowland forests. It is a dominant tree, also occurring at the top of natural forests.

In peninsular Malaysia, it occasionally occurs as a settler of bare earths, including the road. In sarawak, it is notably found in limestone.

Chukrasia tabularis, generally avoids heavy and moist soils. The East Indian mahogany is a plant from the lowland tropics, usually found in an altitude range of 100 to 1,200 meters.

A tree full of attributes and rapid growth in the tropics, tolerant of light frosts, elegant leaves, excellent wood and the leaves and bark of the trunk with medicinal properties.

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