Dovyalis hebecarpa - Ceilon-ketembilla curry Seeds

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Scientific name: dovyalis hebecarpa
Common name: ceilon-ketembilla curry
Native: siri lanka and south india
Family: salicaceae
Crop: tropical and subtropical regions


Ketembilla is a small fruit tree that does not exceed more than 4 meters in height.

Easily cultivated potentials where it is just required in greater moisture in the fruit season for greater and better development of your fruits.

2 year harves are generally made

Your fruits are intensely used for marketing of jellies and jams.

Other uses: bee creation.

Dioic species, although many female plants may reproduce by (parthenogenesis), such as rose and orange trees.

Partenogenesis: is the term used to designate the development of an embryo of any living being without the paternal genetic contribution. They are females that breed without the need for males to fertilize them. This is a type of asexual reproduction.

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