Argania spinosa - Argania, Argan

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Scientific name: Argania spinosa
Family: sapotaceae
Origin: morocco
Luminosity: full sun
Height: 8 – 10 meters


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The moroccan gold – the most valued olive oil in europe and the “karité” most covers by the industry.

* oil with complete and unique virtues, argan oil consists of 80% unsaturated fats and has an extraordinary biological activity thanks to its richness in vitamin e, 3 times greater than in any other natural oil

The argan tree is perfect for a hostile environment; surviving to heat, highly tolerant to dry and the conditions of poor soils.

Little knowledge outside of morocco, growing southwest in that country, approximately between essaouira and agadir; about 21 million trees performing a vital role in the food and environmental chain.

The forests of argan are covered about 8,280 km and are designated as a reserve of the unesco biosphere. The greatest hope for your conservation is found in the recent evolution for the export of argan oil as a high value product.

The species grows 8-10 meters in height and lives in average age 150-200 years old. With retroacided trunks, their fruits are green chicken, greater than traditional olive. Your oil is lighterly dark than traditional olive oil, with a light tom dark.

Argania spinosa fruits after their fifth year in cultivation.

Oil contains 80% of insaturated fatty acids, is rich in essential fatty acids and is more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. From argan oil and its almonds, still suggested with honey or sugar, the amlou (peanut paste or butter) is prepared.

Non torrado oil is traditionally used as a treatment for skin diseases and found promiser and rich market in the cosmetics industry of europe and usa.

Argan oil is sold in morocco as a luxury article (hardly found outside of its production region), and of increasing interest by the european market for foods and cosmetics industry.

* its anti-aging properties, due to the high levels of vitamin e saponins (which soften the skin), are well documented. For centuries, traditional cosmetic products produced from argania spinosa has been a well-kept secret that is only known to berber women in morocco

250 ml of argan oil is found for sale for u $ 94.00 in the american pattern. When cooking with argan olive oil, it is said to transmit a sufficient flavor and nutrient aroma to food.

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