Salvia sclarea vatican white - Salvia vatican, salvia white vatican

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Botanical nomenclature: salvia sclarea vatican white
Cultivar: vatican white
Common name: salvia vatican, salvia white vatican
Family: lamiaceae
Luminosity: full sun, partial shading
Height: 0.80 – 1.20 meters


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Tolerant to the dry, enough rustic in growing after well established, and generally free of plagues and diseases, they combine a variety of flowers and aromatic leaf in various sizes, different shapes and matizes.

This noble and architectural salvia (salvia of the white vatican) has grown in almost all the botanical sanctuaries along the human history. The catalog of its uses is extensive: aromatization for wines and liquors, oil for perfumes, potpourri and incense (known as a vatican incense).

Majesty and extremely ornamental and decorative, it is generally cultivated by its fine flowers and extremely aromatic leaf.

Hastes are replaced of flowers formed by huge white bracelets and promote beautiful floral arrangements …

Perennial plant that add a field taste to our gardens and is a source of balance in the formation of aromatic masses, herbs gardens, bearing mirrors of water or stone gardens; mainly when next to other species of contrasting flowers.

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