Bromelia karatas - Bromelia Taste, Piñuelas, Plumier’s Bromelia Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: bromelia karatas
Common name: bromelia taste, piñuelas, plumier’s bromelia
Family: bromeliaceae
Origin: caribbean and central america
Height: 1 – 3 meter
Luminosity: full sun, partial shadow, shadow
Climate: see description below


The most common and popular edible bromelia is pineapple (ananas comosus) … For a good reason. But there are other bromelies that are also excellent food sources and as tasty as.

Various species of the genus bromelia have their fruits (technically a berry), harvested and eaten.

Let’s talk about bromelia karatas today with a huge ripe berry collection, commonly known as piñuelas.

Piñuela is a common name given to various species of bromelia, including bromelia karatas.

Bromelia karatas makes its fold flowers and juicy berries on the leaf roseta. A massive head of delicious berries and when genually when ripes are taste in natura, yes, delicious and cooling in natura.

Berries are ripe for in natura tasting when more of their half is pink and remaining only a small white part.

Shelled as mini bananas, a true treat in taste and sweet.

Refreshing how to taste a crocating watermelon, and the opportunity to prove the famous drink made from your fruits (pina atol).

Already forgetting; very ornamental and very easy to grow, does not require special care and can be planted to half shadow or full soil.

Very fresh seeds generally germin within 15 – 45 days.

A joker in our garden that presents us with its delicious fruits.

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