Cryosophila guagara - Guágara Palm

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Botanical nomenclature: Cryosophila guagara
Common name: Guágara palm, guágara palm, quaquara
Family: Arecaceae
Origin: costa rica and panama
Height: 6 – 10 meters
Brightness: partial shading, shade


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The cryosophila guagara palm is registered in the iucn red list (2011), threatened by habitat loss.

Palm tree with solitary trunk, slender and erect, which usually grows up to 8 meters in height with 10 – 13 centimeters in diameter crowned from 18 to 28 circular leaves and fan-shaped webings, which are green on top and silver on the side by low; which is very much appreciated when the leaves move in a breeze. It is a particularly ornamental and rewarding species.

The tree is commonly harvested in the wild for its leaves, which are used as a source of material for headgear. The heart of the palm (apical bud) is eaten locally for medicinal purposes.

The species is endemic to lowland tropical forests on the southwest coast of Costa Rica and northern Panama at elevations up to 500 meters. The lowland rainforest has declined considerably over the range of this palm, mainly through conversion to agriculture and logging.

A very rare species in cultivation, but of easy and relatively fast growth. It can be grown in pots during the juvenile stage to decorate indoor spaces and winter gardens.

Rare and limited offer of fresh seeds for this magnificent specimen.

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