Cionosicys macranthus / Cayaponia macrantha - Chinese Passionfruit Melon, Maracuja Chino, Porcelain Melon Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Cionosicys macranthus / Cayaponia macrantha
Common name: Chinese Passionfruit Melon, Maracuja Chino, Porcelain Melon
Family: cucurbitaceae
Origin: panama
Height: 10 – 20 meters
Luminosity: full sun, partial shading


Creeper plant of the cucurbitáceas family, tropical / subtropical, extremely rare in cultivation, beautiful, very proliferic and of amazing taste.

The plant produces about 200 fruits with excellent results for storage.

Vigorous and free of plagues, the leaves are of green coloring, forming a trepadeira of easy and ornamental management. Extremely heat resistant.

Cionosicyos macranthus’s spectacular fruit has the yellow porcelain peel and their juicy pulp in orange-avaloned tone.

In year 2014, the species was tracked by patrick simcox in the hills of the tropical forest of panama. For the natives of that region, their procedure was so obsculating that as a common name they appreciated the ‘chinese passionfruit’ (chinese passionfruit), as if the same was originating from china; when in the truth it is native of that region.

At last, it is definitely not chinese and, definitely, it is not also a maracuja, so, without any other common name, so, some botanical specialists agree with a ‘common name’: panama passionfruit melon.

The fruit harvest is carried out when the green-lemon coloring transforms in bright yellow with fine lines between the segments. Greater surprise is when the ripe fruit is cut and open.

Cionosicyos macranthus fruit flavor is similar to that of a very tasty papaya, we make a milk-shake of papaya with vanilla, and many reason to be one of the most delicious fruits already experienced.

A very valuable acquisition that we have great pleasure to add our collection and divide with our customers, partners and friends.

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