Ipomoea Lobata Exotic Love - Ipomoea flag of spain, ipomoea exotic love, ipomoea flower of passion

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Botanical nomenclature: ipomoea lobata
Cultivar: exotic love
Common name: ipomoea flag of spain, ipomoea exotic love, ipomoea flower of passion, quamoclit lobata, mina lobata, ipomoea versicolor, trepadeira foguete
Family: convulaceae
Origin: mexico
Height: 4.5 – 6 meters
Luminosity: full sun, partial shading
Climate: see description below

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A trepadeira that presents us with a mix of flowers in tons of white, creme, ocre and red in just one example.

A trepadeira of the family convulaceae, native of tropical regions of the americas, mexico, where is widely cultivated as ornamental plant; flowering in summer and autumn. In cold temperature regions is treated as an annual plant.
Species prefer its plant in the full sun, where prospes with greater success and excellent development, but is tolerant to partial shading. Appreciates only humid that offers good drainage.

The tubular flowers, in multiple colors and a true coringe for our gardens.

In tropical and subtropical regions, the self-semeia species after the first plantation.

The species are quite rustic and easy to cultivate, suitable for coverage of slings, arches, caramanchões, grades, walls and others.

Rhs and agm award for that species.

Especially attractive for kisses-flowers, birds and butterflies.

The multi-colored mina lobata’s multi-colored ribbons is a kingdom for our gardens. Adapts very well to plant planting.