Carica pubescens 'Cundinamarca' / Carica cundinamarcensis - Cundinamarca Papaya, Papaya Mountain Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Carica pubescens ‘Cundinamarca’ / Carica cundinamarcensis
Common name: Cundinamarca Papaya, Papaya Mountain
Family: caricaceae
Origin: andes from colombia to bolivia
Height: 6 – 10 meters
Climate: see description


The mountain papaya is native of the cold climates of the high forests in the andes, from colombia to bolivia, to an altitude of 1,000 to 3,000 meters. Introduced in chile.

Beyond spreads ornamental plants, with large green leaves and damn leaves having a bumblebee, feminine plants produce large quantities of fruits that are traditionally used to prepare beverages and also consumption cooked in the preparation of candies, preserves and jellies.

A small tree that generally grows between 6 and 10 meters of height, with thick seals, large leaves and palmed, trunk gray, many times branched on the base. Female and male flowers may occur on the same tree, but also can be dioces.

This cultivation was previously considered as a separate species, carica cundinamarcensis or vasconcellea cundinamarcensis. The new name of the vasconcellea gender, now used for that kind of mommy instead of carica, allows to distinguish these high-land, tropical mammals. However, i’ll keep the name carica for convenience, because it’s the most appearing in the most part of the literature.

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