Capparis Spinosa - Capparis Spinosa

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Capparis spinosa capers the true alcaparras
Family: capparidaceae


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Mediterranean native plant, with a natural distribution in the coastal regions of the whole border of the mediterranean sea west of the canary islands and morocco. Think therefore, that his old habitat was the dry areas of central and western asia.

Grows like a bush between 50 and 60 cm of very ornamental juicy leaves, spreading a profusion of white-pink floral buttons adorned with long and very scented features; which are the edible alcaparras of trade.

The caper plant is known for their culinary properties, wherein their imports floral buttons are preserved in wine, vinegar and salt.

They have been very used in salad, pasta, meat, fish and garnishes to add aroma and spicy flavor to food;

Its strong flavor like a spicy mustard is due to an enzymatic reaction with a mustling oil (methyl glucosinolate) that is released from vegetable tissues when crushed.

That plantinha that is in truth, button floral; it has been transformed in very personality that, that highlights the flavor of cold sauce, like the french, “rémoulade” and “tartare”, and the italian “green salsa”.

Your cultivation is very simple. Grows very very well in stuff or natural; therefore in many countries its plantation is done on industrial scale.

Rare opportunity to acquire alcaparras seeds

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